Sweeney Hearing Care - The Home of the 7 Day, No Obligation, Hearing Aid Trial

Sweeney Hearing Care offer a no obligation, 7 day,  hearing aid trial on all of our hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Specialist Northern Ireland

With over 13 year experience in Audiology and Clinics in Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee & Newtownabbey, Sweeney Hearing Care can provide you a Hearing Aid Solution to match your needs.

Ear Wax Removal Northern Ireland

Ear Wax Micro Suction is a safe, quick and effective way of removing ear wax. During the procedure our Audiologists use a microscope and a fine suction tube to gently remove wax from the ear canal.

Launching Northern Ireland's Premier Tinnitus Clinic

Contact the practice for details on 028 9066 7030
Phonak Life is On
Introducing the quickest charging, longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid ever!

Widex Evoke

We are proud to present the launch of the New Widex Evoke Hearing Aid with SoundLearn technology!
Sweeney Hearing Care - Clearwax Approved

Hearing Aids Belfast Northern Ireland

We work with the leading Hearing Aid Manufacturers to ensure we have the perfect Hearing Aid Solution for you. Our Hearing Aid Solutions include: Phonak, Unitron, Widex and Starkey Hearing Technologies.

Hearing Tests

At Sweeney Hearing Care we offer a full diagnostic hearing assessment for our customers, so they can get an insight into their complete hearing health.

Ear Wax Removal

During the procedure our Audiologists use a microscope and a fine suction tube to gently remove wax from the ear canal. Unlike Ear syringing no water is required, significantly reducing the risk of infection.


At Sweeney Hearing Care we offer a Tinnitus Assessment Service. Ask in store for details.

Hearing Protection

We work with world leading manufacturers in Hearing Protection products to make sure our customers have access to bespoke protection from excessive noise levels.

Swim Moulds – Swim Plugs

Swim moulds are designed to stop water getting into the external ear canal.

They are made from hypoallergenic medical grade silicon and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Who Do They Benefit?
People who have undergone ear surgery or people who have:

  • Chronic swimmers ear
  • Perforated ear drums
  • Persistent ear infections

Fully Qualified Audiologists

At Sweeney Hearing Care we only use fully qualified, insured, registered Audiologists so rest assured you are in the hands of trained professionals.

Easy to Contact

You can book appointments with us by giving us a call on
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Flexible Appointments

At Sweeney Hearing Care we have clinics in Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee and Newtownabbey. We often are able to book same day appointments to suit you.

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